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How to Support Grieving Families

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult and painful. Bereaved families benefit greatly from the support and love of their family, friends and community. Sadly, many of us are unsure of what to say or how to help.

Share a Story with us. Draw on your memories of the person who has died. Funny, heartwarming, poignant or interesting stories about the deceased can help the bereaved as they adjust to their loss. These stories are a way to pay tribute to a truly unique life.

Show You Care In the days, weeks and months following the funeral, take time to demonstrate your concern and care for the survivors. Drop off a casserole or homemade baking. Seniors or people with disabilities may welcome help with gardening chores, shoveling the driveway, or offers to run errands. A handwritten note lets the recipient know that they are in your thoughts. Invite the bereaved to dinner, for coffee or out to a movie.

These practical tasks speak volumes about your concern. Remember A common observation made by those in mourning is that their loved one is seldom mentioned. Well-meaning friends may feel they are sparing the bereaved feelings of sadness and loss. In fact, this silence increases the hurt for families who desperately want to be reassured that their loved one is not forgotten.

It is said that we will live on in the memories of those who knew us. Show grieving families that their loved ones live on in your memories. Don't be afraid to talk about the deceased, even causes a tear or two.

Knowing that you remember their loved one can be a huge comfort to a sorrowing family. Be An Enduring Source of Support Grief does not disappear along with the leftovers from the funeral reception. Grieving families receive a tremendous outpouring of support at the funeral or memorial service. Ironically, this support wanes when families are truly in need. In the weeks and months following a loss, the bereaved begin to overcome their shock or numbness, and begin adjusting to their new life without their loved one.

At this point, people may assume that grieving families are stronger and don't need our support. The opposite is usually true. There's no textbook for supporting grieving family and friends. The best advice is to simply be a good friend. Your compassion and kindness will make the world of difference to a heartsore friend in need of comfort.

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