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Guaranteed Travel Plans

Coverage Includes:

  1. Coverage for members if death occurs more than 100 km's away from their principal residence

  2. Protection while travelling anywhere in the world, even if death occurs outside of your home Province

  3. Arranges for preparation: embalming or cremation and transportation of the Deceased to the funeral home (near the Deceased's legal residence) designated on the enrollment form

  4. All details organized by professionals with technical and translation services provided

  5. All expenses paid directly by the plan = no out of pocket expenses to the family

Additional Benefits

  1. Arranges and pays for a Travel Companion to accompany the Deceased home

  2. If Deceased is travelling alone, plan arranges and pays for one next of kin to travel to place of death to accompany Deceased home

  3. Brings pets home safely

  4. Bereavement support for surviving family members

  5. Payment and Flexibility

  6. Enrollment at any age providing lifetime coverage for a one-time fee.

  7. May be paid as a Single Payment, Cash, Cheque, VISA, MasterCard or 12 post-dated cheques (admin fee of $1:00/month).

  8. 30-Day free look period

  9. No health questions or medical examination required

  10. GTAP provides member with a certificate and wallet cards

  11. Coverage is provided at time of need by calling 1.800.656.5056 with member number

Member must reside in North America. Coverage commences at subsequent trip following signing. All services must be arranged by GTAP. No claims for reimbursement will be accepted.

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