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Family Care

The "Family Care" Program: You may have heard about a complimentary service we provide following the funeral. We call the program "Family Care" and its sole purpose is to help the survivors resolve some of the practical matters that can be most difficult after the loss of a loved one. This service is provided to every family we serve and is available to other families as well, even those (for a nominal fee) who have used other funeral homes that do not provide such services.

The list below will give you an idea of the ways in which our Family Care Director is prepared to help. Our practice is to arrange for a time at your home within a day or two after the funeral. Our "Family Care Director" is available to meet at a time convenient to you. Just give us a call when you are ready, and, because we know there will be many things on your mind. You need only plan on an hour or so.

  1. Canada Pension Plan & Old Age Security - Application for lump-sum death benefit - Application for income continuance.

  2. Retirement and Pensions - Private, Provincial, or Federal application for survivor benefits.

  3. Insurance - Application for life insurance benefits - Updating beneficiaries on existing policies - Continuance of health insurance.

  4. Title Transfers - Compiling a list of items for which transfers may be needed - Contacting local government offices to determine where transfers are handled.

  5. Credit Card Cancellations - Contacting companies as needed. (Plus some little -known advice about card cancellations.)

  6. Bank Account Updates - Adding names (of children or other survivors) - Confirming bank procedures for closing the account -Helpful information about joint accounts.

  7. Survivors Funeral Plan - Practical options for documenting your wishes - Consolidation of vital information - Certainty that your loved ones will not overspend or be without resources.

We know that much will be demanded following the death of a loved one. It is our sincere desire to help in ways that are meaningful and lasting. Count on the integrity and confidentiality of our "Family Care Director" as part of our commitment to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people don't think about the day after a Funeral. That's why we do.

Family Care is a unique complimentary personal service that we provide to help survivors cope with life after a death.

Are there any additional costs for Family Care follow-up?

NO! Family Care is an exclusive follow-up survivor support service we provide that is designed to assist family members to take care of loose ends following the funeral service.

How many different tasks are there that need attention following a death?

There are over 50 separate items that could need attention. The more urgent ones are: life insurance claims, bank accounts, titles and transfers.

Is it necessary to address these issues so soon after the funeral?

YES! Many of them could impact your financial well being. A few have the potential to complicate your life if not addressed in a timely manner. Addressing these issues will give you peace of mind in knowing they are done.

Does a Family Care counselor from the funeral home actually come to my home to help with these issues?

A trained Family Care counselor will meet with your family in your home, making phone calls, completing the paperwork and providing practical help and the solutions you need.

Why does D.J. Robb Funeral Home care enough to offer such a wonderful service?

We know how difficult it is to deal with unfamiliar tasks following a death. We see it all the time. "Family Care" is an extension of our services, a service that we feel is extremely important.

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